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Pregnant? Interested in placenta encapsulation?!

On this website you will find information about the placenta, its potential role as a nutritional supplement and how you can have your placenta made into capsules and other remedies after the birth of your baby. I hope that you find everything you need to know here  – but if you need help or have specific questions, please get in touch.

Placenta nurtures a baby in the womb providing nutritional, endocrine and immune system supportIt protects and supports the baby and towards the end of pregnancy the placenta passes antibodies from the mother to the baby providing immunity in the months after birth. The placenta can further continue its nourishing role as a nutritional supplement for new mothers.

As a trained placenta specialist, I specialise in the creation of capsules and other placenta preparations. My complete service can create a range of remedies from your own placenta, providing a tailor-made supplement for you at a time when you need it most.

Client feedback November 2019
“I would always do this after birth- this was my second time out of 4 births and it’s far easier to adjust back to normality with the capsules.”
“The placenta smoothie made such a difference in my recovery. I couldn’t recommend it more. I didn’t have it after my first birth to my daughter, and felt hesitant because I thought it might taste awful, but it was delicious! I had a schedule c-section birth, and in the recovery room I felt great for the first hour or two, but when they brought me my tea & toast I suddenly felt very weak and unwell. I drank my smoothie, and the colour came back into my face, I felt refreshed, full of energy. It really helped to give me the boost that my body needed. I couldn’t recommend it more.”
Helen is a member of the Placenta Remedies Network (PRN)
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“It was so easy to use this service and collection and delivery was so prompt. I truly believe my balanced hormones, plentiful milk supply and energy was at least in part down to the capsules. Helen was fantastic and was so quick in getting the capsules made. I would 100% do it again and recommend it to anyone giving birth!! “
I cover West London, please visit to find a specialist in all other areas (there are 120+ members of PRN in the UK.
Due in less than 6 weeks? I am generally fully booked at least one month in advance so give me a call before sending a form if you are due soon!