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On this website you will find information about the placenta, its potential role as a nutritional supplement and how you can have your placenta made into capsules and other remedies after the birth of your baby. I hope that you find everything you need to know here  – but if you need help or have specific questions, please get in touch. Placenta encapsulation is a new concept for many mothers and I am happy to offer information and resources to help you make your decision.


Placenta nurtures a baby in the womb providing nutritional, endocrine and immune system supportIt protects and nourishes the baby and towards the end of pregnancy the placenta passes antibodies from the mother to the baby providing immunity for about three months after birth. The placenta can further continue its nourishing role as a nutritional supplement beyond the womb and in China, placenta has been used in natural healing and nutrition for thousands of years.

IPEN trained placenta specialist, Helen Morgan specialises in the creation of capsules and other preparations. Your placenta can provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals and hormones that can boost physical and emotional well-being if consumed after the birth of your baby. My complete service can create a range of remedies from your own placenta on the birth of your baby, providing a tailor made supplement for you at a time when you need it most.

Helen is a member of the Placenta Remedies Network (PRN)
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