I can provide a complete service to turn your placenta into easy-to-eat placenta capsules and other formulations. I will collect your placenta from hospital or home at a time that is convenient for you, prepare your products and return them quickly to you. You won’t pay for the service until I collect your placenta and there is no charge if you book but do not use my placenta service. You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy or beyond. Helen Morgan is a member of the Placenta Remedies Network (PRN).

More about me

My name is Helen Morgan and I run the London Placenta Centre. I have a passionate belief in the concept of nourishment and I’ll try to explain what that means to me here…

I spent a part of my life being a competitive sportsperson. I trained seven days a week and focused on my physical performance for every hour of the day. I had a continual drive to do better, train harder and go faster. In my thirties, I married and tried to have a baby. Sadly I had a series of miscarriages and although all the medical checks could find no problem, I knew that this diagnosis somehow wasn’t right. I was fortunate enough to find a fabulous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner who looked at my overall wellbeing and helped me to understand that I was depleted in every sense. The door was opened to the nourishment offered by Chinese herbs, acupuncture, massage, meditation, yoga and great nutrition.

This nurturing turned my life around and while I became a mother within a year I knew that I wanted to continue to live my life with nourishment. I finally understand the impact of depletion caused by an exhausting, overworked and undernourished lifestyle and I entered pregnancy and motherhood as a strong, alive, and vibrant woman. Much more about the concept of Jing can be found below.

This strength stays with me and today I am proud to be a qualified placenta specialist offering a valuable service to those who are also looking for nourishment.

January 2014

More about Chinese medicine

The Chinese have been practicing their unique medicine for some 5,000 years. They believe we are a landscape extension of the universe with our bodies experiencing changes in seasons like the planet – a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Yin Yang theory is the basis of all Chinese physiology and pathology, they represent opposite but complimentary qualities, one containing the seed of the other, neither separate, inter-connected as a continuum. For example, Yang corresponds to activity, light, sun brightness, warmth, movement and heaven. Yin corresponds to night, rest, dark, moon, shade, cold, black, stillness and earth.

Physically, Yang dominates ‘doing’ organs like the Lungs and Bladder. Yin, storing organs like the Heart and Liver. All our organs/tissues/fluids and emotions are relatively Yin and Yang in Chinese theory.

Both represent opposites but are two stages in the process of change, interdependent so one cannot exist without the other (day into night, activity into rest, etc). Everything is in motion, all process is cyclic and there is a constant state of dynamic balance between the two.

The balance (or imbalance) of Yin Yang within our body/mind or spirit are believed to be the cause of harmony or disharmony with our health. Whether we believe wholly in scientific thought or not, this beautiful concept makes sense.

Pregnancy is a very Yang energy – conception, development, growth, movement, feeding and the enormous effort of birth. As a mother, we are left with a cold space inside, a space that needs to be warmed for healing and recovery. Post-partum we need re-building from the inside out.

Placenta is a Yang organ. It is a transformer, mover and constant changer. Encapsulating this ‘tissue’ as a supplement will directly feed the cold inside, aiding our transformation back to warmth and balance.

The ginger, lemon and chili used in Steamed dried placenta preparation supports this process, steaming with these spices is thought to add a warming energetic effect, also helping with circulation, grounding and absorption of the nutrients in the blood.

Big Bang Theory

The Chinese believe that at conception as the sperm and egg meet, an energetic reaction takes place that determines a person’s constitutional essence, their ‘life force’ – this is Jing.

Jing is our fundamental energy tank that we inherit from our parents for life. This store of Jing drives us from birth, we use it throughout our lives as we develop, grow and age. It’s depletion is represented by the splitting of Yin and Yang and an end to life.

We can nourish our Jing with a balanced healthy lifestyle; likewise we can use it up with excess. Pregnancy and birth are the single most depleting energetic effort the female body can experience. As a result, a woman can literally give a piece of herself away.

The Chinese may ‘lie in’ for six weeks following birth to rest after giving birth. In our Western world, we rarely give ourselves 24 hours to recover before trying to pursue our routine and lifestyles.

All our thoughts are with our baby, meeting pre-conceived ideas that we/society dictate. Our contemporary culture encourages constant, often traumatic activity. People so consumed with their productivity that they often neglect allowing time for the self to be replenished, the body cannot always tolerate consuming more than is replaced. This can lead to a burnout. At a time when sleep deprivation can affect massive pressure we deserve to look after ourselves.

Our recovery is paramount. The key is to achieve some balance, to be flexible, diverse, moderate and in harmony with our rhythms and needs. Sounds an ideal, it is all to easy to put ourselves last.

Placenta offers us a chance to nourish our blood, repair our tissues, heal, restore and nurture our Jing. Our very own, tailor made tissue typed unique supplement.