Booking your placenta remedies

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Prices for each preparation can be found on my booking form. You pay for preparation of capsules and/or any of the other preparations. You will pay for the service of the London Placenta Centre on or before collection of your placenta. If you book but do not go ahead with the service there is no charge. You can pay by personal cheque, bank transfer or cash.


What is the booking process?

You should complete a booking form. This must be signed and returned before or on collection of your placenta.


What is the best combination of remedies?

This is a question I am often asked and of course the answer is entirely your decision and based on your preference, BUT… a great and comprehensive approach is to have a smoothie within 24 hours of delivery for an immediate boost, capsules to support you in the first post-partum weeks, homeopathic remedies that you can keep in the medicine cabinet for you and baby and a balm that is fabulous for nappy rash and a powerful secret facial mask for you. All together that’s one powerful placenta kit!!

Are there ANY extra costs that I will have to pay?
None at all. The cost includes collection of your placenta and return of capsules directly to you. If you have a smoothie (and you should!) I will provide a container and blender plus all of the ingredients. I do not re-use any of this equipment so it will be yours to keep.